Would You Try These Quirky Eyebrow Trends?


What’s new in the eyebrows world? Do you remember the iconic McDonald’s eyebrow trend? Or should we all forget that we still remember the Nike eyebrow thing that put Instagram on fire Whether you like it or not, eyebrow trends appear out of nowhere. Instagram fans love new trends, especially the quirky ones. Here are some new ideas for you in case you got bored of your ordinary eyebrows.

1. High-heel eyebrows

Because wearing high heels is not enough.

👠 Brows

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2. The halo eyebrows

What an angel!

3. Here comes the triple brow

Didn’t you have enough with just one?

4. Fishtail brows

Admit it, you desperately want to try these out!

In case you want some more, here is another trend you may like.

Source: Skyzhighlight