This Attempt To Find Out Whether Or Not This 13-Year-Old’s Stepmother Is Cheating Is Hilarious

Cheating is the worst thing to do in a relationship, let’s be frank here. You may think that a YouTube channel has no business looking through people’s relationships to find out if their partners are cheating or not, but actually, exposing a cheating partner is quite a helpful thing, because it allows the partner who’s being cheated on to see the truth and to step back at that moment.

YouTube channel (that has been presumed fake numerous times) To Catch A Cheater recently had a particularly interesting episode where they saw what a cheating step-mother of a teenage boy

13-year-old Zac’s dad left his ex wife and married a new woman, who, according to the ex-wife, is a ‘rude blond bimbo’ who ‘doesn’t even know how to clean.’ Ouch.

Check out the full video here:

With nowhere else left to turn, the family decided to contact To Catch A Cheater (once again, a show thought by many to be fake) to see what the step mother was up to.

The stepmom, whose name remained untold through the whole video, was spotted by the TCAC team chatting to a fitness instructor named Kevin (who has an amazingly sexy beard, let me just add).

The lady tries to brush off Kevin’s chat-up by saying she’s on her way to gym class (several times), but the trainer (who is actually the To Catch a Cheater apprentice) persists, until he talks her into going out and meeting about his swimming class.

While Kevin’s grandma and mom (who appear in the video alongside him), alternate back and forth to arguing with him, Zac doesn’t seem to have that much of a problem with his stepmother.


In the third clip, the pair are arranging to meet, with Kevin cheekily adding: “Once we’re done, I know you’re going to get hungry. We’ll go on a date, have some wine and come back to the house,” to which the woman replies: “I don’t know about a date, but we can certainly…”

Kevin quickly realized what his mom was about to say, so he quickly said “we can parlay,” just to make sure that Zac doesn’t find out about her intentions.


Zac doesn’t take it as badly as his mom and grandma, he’s just dumbfounded by how intense they’re making it and he can just feel insane embarrassment knowing that all this is going to appear on the internet.


And as his mom and grandma are losing their mind, Zac brilliantly just states ‘I don’t think that’s cheating, she didn’t kiss him or hug him’.

Good one, Zac!

Source: Unilad