Ever Wondered What Steve Jobs’ Daughter Has Been Up To?

The world seemed to stop for a moment, when the founder and CEO of Apple, and one of the richest, most famous men in the world – died in 2011. And because he was enigmatic like that, the only child of his that we got to know in detail was actually – Apple.

But apart from the other many things Jobs was during his life, what we kept forgetting, while waiting for each product release season, was the fact that he was a husband and a father of four.


His first child is daughter Lisa. And as is the prominent theme in the biopic for Jobs that’s starring Michael Fassbender, he had a hard time getting used to the fact that she’s his.

He had her with high school girlfriend Chrisann Brennan when he was 23 and refused to acknowledge that he’s the father.



There was a paternity test

It took several years for him to accept that he was Lisa’s father, even though he took a paternity test that proved it and bizarrely paid Chrissan child support. It shouldn’t have been a problem for him, as he became a millionaire the year Lisa was born and a multi-millionaire the year after.


His turbulent relationship with her was well known, but the public could rarely name his other three children with wife Laurene Powell. They had Reed Paul Jobs in 1991, then Erin four years later, and finally Eve in 1998.



Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell


The first two children remain so well under the radar, that you could cross paths with them on a street in California and not even recognize them. But if you see Eve… Well, if you haven’t seen her yet, you might not recognize her. But if you’re one of her 56.3k followers on Instagram… you’d know it’s her.


She’s a student at Stanford University, and totally not shy about sharing her life online. Like most teenagers, she enjoys posting snapshots of her daily life on Instagram, much to the delight of her fans that like her photos thousands and thousands of times. And through her daily updates, we find out, for example, that she’s a talented equestrian.

Source: Bolesworth International

Girl knows what she’s doing:


Here’s a fun fact for ya: she often competes with Bill Gates’ daughter! Other competitors are Jessica Springsteen, daughter of Bruce and Destry Spielberg, daughter of Steven. Yeah, it’s that kinda world.


Because she’s so dedicated, her mother bought a $15 million ranch in Florida so she could train, but that couldn’t have set them back way too much – the mom and siblings are actually worth $20.1 billion.


Her dad believed in her so much, that, according to his official biographer, he thought it would be her that would one day run Apple.


So far, it looks like Steve would be very proud of baby Eve. Her future certainly looks bright, and her daily life certainly seems fun considering what she’s showing the world on her Instagram.

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