A Simple, Cheap, Adorable DIY Project: Building A LEGO Coffee Table

The best thing about LEGOs? They are generationless. There are very few things that children and grownups can enjoy equally and at the same time. Playing with the popular interlocking bricks is one of them. The Danish company has almost a century-long history of keeping families entertained, beginning with wooden playthings before switching over to the plastic bricks we know today in 1947.

And the best thing is, LEGOs are so much more than just bricks. I mean, the possibilities of what can be created using the building blocks are virtually endless. LEGO toys have been used for everything from modern art to do-it-yourself projects, and today, we have the perfect DIY endeavor for you, courtesy of SimpleMost.

The DIY project for an adorable coffee table was envisioned by Fussy Monkey Business – a crafty blog and Etsy store – so kudos to them for coming up with such a brilliant idea!

What you need

All you will need is an old table and a basket that you can find at any second-hand store or yard sale.


Cut a hole in the top of the table that matches the dimensions of your basket.
Spray paint the old table in a color of your liking.
Cut and affix a LEGO plate to the table.

That’s basically it! For more detailed instructions and the full story of how this project came to be, follow the link below the pic to Fussy Monkey Business‘s blog.


Fussy Monkey Business

What do you think? Isn’t it cute? Let us know how it went, or give us your suggestions for other DIY projects.

Source: Simplemost