Jenna Marbles Did A 200 Challenge With Fake Acrylic Nails, And The Results Are Definitely Interesting

The internet is truly a crazy place, with crazy challenges and bad vloggers everywhere. One of the most popular challenges that definitely has cemented itself is the 100 Layers of [something] challenge, and one particular derivative of that challenge is the 100 nails challenge.

It’s essentially where the nominated person applies [literally] 100 layers of nail polish on their nail… and that’s about it. It gets you more views, from what I’ve heard.

But now, here’s a new evolution of this rather insane challenge; it’s not 100 layers, it’s now 200! And it’s not nail polish, it’s fake nails!

Popular makeup YouTuber and vlogger Jenna Mourey, colloquially known as Jenna Marbles, decided to take the plunge with this challenge, and the results are certainly interesting.

Source: JennaMarbles

It certainly was a challenge on its own to get all the acrylics to stick together, to the point where Jenna was forced to use a glue gun at one point in the video.

“Some people in life become doctors and lawyers, and other people push the boundaries of nails and nail glue. I’m an artist,” she joked when she completed the experiment.


I dare you to get through the video without crying of laughter. While the whole idea of the challenge is cringeworthy, the 31-year-old YouTuber definitely made it worth a watch.

“Was this necessary? No. Did I need to do this? No. Does anyone ever need to do this? No, but i just wanted to see what would happen because I was inspired from Kaylin on Twitter,” Marbles said on Twitter.

Fans knew it was gonna be good even before they saw it.

It was immediately on many Twitter users’ must-watch list.

As you would imagine, not everyone was a big fan.

Apart from the naysayers, most people agreed that this video was one of Jenna’s greatest.

And we’ll stand by them on that one for sure.

After all, she and her boyfriend had gone to extreme lengths to put the durability of the slinky nails to the test.

Even though it was painful, the experiment was still a success.

And of course, you gotta give Jenna credit where credit’s due for actually giving this a go.


It’s clear that this is the content her fans want to see, and as far as we’re concerned, that’s fine.

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