Watch Out Grumpy Cat, Because Sad Queen Luhu Is The New Cat In Town!

In case you didn’t know the Internet is one giant popularity contest for animal stars, in which Grumpy Cat reigns supreme. But challengers appear left and right! After the world learned of Cho, the fish vendor cat, the throne of the Grumpy lady became a little wobbly. And today, there’s yet another feline that lays claim to the Cat Throne!

Just what is going on?!

Here’s what. According to The Daily Mail, another doleful mini tiger has made itself publicly known to humanity, and humans are simply flocking to coo and squee and throw¬†hearts at the little creature.

Called Luhu,¬†the adorable small tabby lives in China with her human servant, and she’s made herself quite popular by looking (unintentionally) eternally miserable. The human servant was absolutely smitten with her features, and soon he began a worshipping practice by posting pictures of the creature on Instagram. Soon, Luhu became Queen Luhu, with hundreds of thousands of online followers.

Move over Grumpy Cat, because queen Luhu is here!


Maybe she and Grumpy could become friends? After all, misery loves company.


I wonder how Grumpy Cat feels about this… Oh wait, she doesn’t.




This is Luhu at her birthday celebration. She’s happy, you just can’t tell by looking at her face.


She has over 160,000 followers on Instagram, making her a contender for the Cat Throne.


But hey, let’s remember who did it first! It was Shrek’s Puss in Boots and his beseeching, adorable expression.


Hmmm. I’m confused. There are simply too many adorable cats!

My personal favorite cat remains Cho, the fish vendor, however. (His name actually means Dog in Vietnamese!) But which odd feline do you like the most? Maybe meow at us in the comments?

Or you can, you know, just purr.

Source: Dailymail