Green Is The Best Color! Meet The Extraordinary Green Lady

Well, you got to admire people’s passion for things. Even the weirdest, ludicrous, or humorous things I guess! Luckily, today’s story is about a very endearing, inspiring Green Lady who doesn’t shy away from making her dreams a reality.

Wherever you’re from, you’re probably already familiar with St. Patrick’s Day, one of Ireland’s biggest and most popular holidays. Really, it’s sort of an international holiday now, because people love drinking beer and the color green. But not as much as Elizabeth Sweetheart, AKA “The Green Lady”!

The seventy-four-year-old woman takes it to a whole new level: “I see myself in the future as the green lady.”

The New York Post’s Extraordinary People program did a short video on Elizabeth Sweetheart, the Green Lady, which you can see below:

And while people who aren’t familiar with her are often weirded out, the people from her neighborhood know her well and accept her.

“If I didn’t see her around here, I’d definitely think something’s missing,” says a neighbor.

Elizabeth Sweetheart – no joke, that’s her real family name – is one happy, inspiring person. All she does is environmentally friendly, even her food, and she says the color green makes her truly happy.

“Green is the best!” she says. “Even my husband who’s not green loves it now,” Elizabeth says.

Awww! Well isn’t that the testament of true love? Except for beer, that is.

Cheers to you, Green Lady!

Source: Extraordinary People