Should You Try Korean Beauty Products? Youtuber Shares First Impressions

There’s this one amazing Youtuber – Jordi from itslikelymakeup. And just in case you (we) are not yet ready to buy a whole bunch of Korean beauty products and try them on ourselves, she’s got your (our) back.

Jordi is gorgeous and has almost half a million subscribers following her amazing makeup and beauty-related videos. She calls herself ‘a professional idiot’ which is highly unlikely, and we’ll take it with a grain of salt. We do believe her, however, that she’s a professional makeup artist living in Canada.


People are practically in love with her, and it’s quite evident from the comments under each video. You know, ones like:

“YESSSSS THANK U QUEEN SO HELPFUL” by a user named Sooah Joo and people similarly amazed by this.

Screenshot at Mar 08 16-54-35

You do, however need to check the comments section, but not only to agree or disagree with people. One commenter was very wise, for example:

“but ladies! tho! check out the ingredients of Korean makeup product. we koreans are or became very very picky about ingredients, we hate hate evil ingredients. we have the app called “hwahae 화해”, which shows all the ingredients of the particular product and marks bad ingredients so that we can spot easily. I am not working for it or anything by the way. I just think that all countries should have that kind of app or something. you cant even do business with bad ingredients in Korea now.”

Screenshot at Mar 08 16-55-12

Bearing that in mind, always do patch tests first, to see if any product, Korean or not, works for you. But for now, you’re free to enjoy Jordi’s fun and super-useful video:

Source: itslikelymakeup