We All Knew How Fabulously Fit Selena Gomez Is, But A Reminder Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

In fact, she’s so fabulously fit, Puma asked her for a collaboration and since November of last year, she’s the new face of the sports brand.

In case you were in doubt that she’s perfect for this, she has bestowed upon the world some photos that would convince even the most hardcore unbelievers. She poses on a penthouse terrace flaunting her amazing figure in some Ignite Flash training shoes for women.


How amazing does she look? It’s even more amazing when you think of the fact that the former Disney star battled with health issues last year, and now she’s back, stronger and more beautiful than ever.

Looking good, Selena.


This photo comes on the same day that Selena wished her love, Justin Bieber a happy 24th birthday. After a painful breakup and some other relationships that they both had, the pair have found their way back to love, despite her family not being ecstatic about it.

And her message is so cutesy and teenager-y:

‘March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.’

No clichès, no PDA, just like that, which proves how respectful and friendly their relationship has become.


Her amazing figure is evident in this video to:

The singer was recently on an amusing trip in Jamaica with Justing Bieber, whose 42-year-old father Jeremy exchanged vows with his girlfriend, 30-year-old Chelsey Rebelo.

And she seems to have gone a long way from the time she dated The Weeknd, with whom she split at the end of October.


By the way, this is the cuteness overload photo she wished JB happy birthday with.


Well, all we can say is, go Selena! Flawless as usual.

Source: dailymail