Naomi Campbell And Skepta Get Hot And Steamy For GQ Photo Shoot

Rumors about a romantic connection between Naomi Campbell and Skepta have been rampant in recent months and now it seems we have something extremely close to an official confirmation. The 47-year-old supermodel posed in the nude with the rapper for the cover of British GQ and things are looking steamy indeed!

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The model caused quite a stir among her fans on Wednesday, February 28, when she posted a little teaser of the image on her Instagram. But now the full photo has been revealed and it shows the pair in a loving embrace wearing nothing but some bling. One of the other snaps taken by photographer An Lee sees the dark-haired beauty dressed only in a pair of Mains boxers, the clothing brand founded by the grime artist. According to the magazine, Campbell and Skepta are talking “race, sex, love, and black power” in the interview.


The photograph which will grace the April 2018 cover of British GQ was more than enough to send the Instagram population into a frenzy. Fans were delighted to finally get some sort of confirmation for the romance and they couldn’t contain their joy.

“Naomi and skepta is everything we’ve ever needed,” posted one commenter, and if that is not enough to show you the full extent of people’s enthusiasm, then have a look what else fans wrote:

“Is this a joke because I’m crying”

“Love this! Love can come in all shapes, sizes and colors! #acceptance”

“Ok I’m here for this”

“Sizzler alert! YaYaYa! My screen just combusted. It’s official”

“I’m SHOOK! Naomi & Skepta”

You think people are excited about this relationship? I can’t tell…


The rumor mill began churning back in January when it was reported that the London-born model had been on “a string of secret dates” with the 35-year-old rapper


A source for The Sun Online said: “Naomi and Skepta have been meeting up for a string of secret dates. They are both very creative which is why they have hit it off with each other.”

“Things are going well but they are taking it very slowly,” the insider added.

More recently the pair were spotted getting cozy at two different parties during Paris Fashion Week.

Skepta, whose real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga, has shown his affection for Campbell on more than one occasion over the last year. In October, the Mercury Award-winning grime artist tweeted a pic of the pair and he accompanied it with a heart emoji! If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! And he also spoke wonders about the gorgeous fashion icon in June, when he told The Sun that she was his “favorite cover girl” and “she broke down boundaries by doing those early Vogue covers”.


Source: Dailymail