Mama June Just Became Marilyn Monroe And The World Is Not The Same Anymore

I doubt Marilyn Monroe would like this if she were alive. The iconic blonde bombshell is still an endless inspiration to many stars, but you wouldn’t imagine a reality star putting herself in Monroe’s shoes. And for a photo shoot, too! That’s exactly what the notorious Mama June did. Yup! The 38-year-old reality star has now become Marilyn Monroe. Oh, the world we live in.



Mama June is channeling the blond star, showing her slimmed-down physique once again.

The reality star recreated Marilyn’s most iconic looks in a new WE tv photoshoot.


Remember when Merilyn posed over a Manhattan subway grate as the wind blew her white dress in the distant 1064?

Mama June wore a white halter top dress similar to the one Monroe wore in the 1955 film, Seven Year Itch, to promote the season 2 finale of her show Mama June: From Not to Hot, airing Friday, March 2.


Just yesterday, March 1, Mama June shared a photo of herself on Instagram, wearing her blond hair in a glamorous retro style.

She paired it with silver high heels and bright red lipstick.

“Check me out channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe,” she captioned a snap from the shoot.

In the photos, Shannon is all smiles!

Her dress flows in the wind as she recreates the famous pose. In a different snap, the WE tv star posed with her hands on her waist.


Season 1 of the WE tv reality series chronicled Shannon’s dramatic 300-pound weight loss. She practically became popular because of that. Mama June revealed her weight loss in March 2017.  After undergoing weight loss surgeries and a lifestyle change, she now weighs 170 pounds.

The show’s second season will follow the family facing challenges in their lives and health.

Are you ready for it?

Here, Mama June reveals her secret to maintaining weight loss.

Source: Usmagazine