In Need Of Makeup Inspiration For 2018? The Ultimate Transformation Compilation Is Here

If you read us regularly, you know we love makeup. How can we not? What other thing has that awesome, day, night and life-altering power to make you feel better instantly? One thing comes to mind, and that’s love. And since makeup doesn’t fall too far behind, we could probably conclude that makeup IS love.

compilation 1

So there you have it.

And today, there are millions of people, men and women who agree. The makeup industry has never been more incredible or influential, barriers have never been further back and people like Rihanna set new heights to reach with outstanding cosmetic collections that took the world by storm.

Youtuber Carly Cristman once said in a video that when she was younger, she couldn’t even dream that a job like hers (so, Youtuber, vlogger and social media influencer) would even exist, when she asked her followers not to lose hope when looking for themselves career-wise. Now, think of all the people who make a living (and some luxury living even!) just because they base their work solely on makeup. Jeffree Star has an amazing makeup empire, including his channel and makeup lines that sell out like crazy, and so does his friend Manny MUA, and one of our favorites, Laura Lee. And when you think about the fact that makeup goes so much further than merely beautifying you, it’s easy to grasp the meaning of it.

compilation 2

People use it to transform themselves, whether it’s in simple terms of beauty, or costumes, where they’ve done incredible things with makeup only, to people using makeup to cover scars, sculpt their own faces and simply – gain more confidence.

compilation 3

So let’s raise our glasses to our favorite thing in the world and let’s look at this ultimate makeup transformation video and inspire ourselves for a glamorous 2018!

Source: Beauty Tricks