Would You Indulge In The Heaven Of Neapolitan Ice Cream M&Ms?

Ice cream lovers, prepare for what’s coming next! Nostalgic memories are going to come back as soon as you discover what’s new by M&M. The company has released a new Neapolitan ice cream-flavored version of your favorite sweet. And just recently, this product has come to the states, after making its debut in Australia. If you are craving for the old childhood taste of the ice-cream, but can’t cheat on your good friends M&Ms, here is your deal.

Just like everyone’s favorite childhood summertime ice cream, the sweets are a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors. Heaven on Earth!

Each bag is packed with brown, cream and pink M&Ms only to recreate the look of the classic ice cream that your grandparents always had in their refrigerator in the past.

Did you forget Neopolitan was the first-ever ice cream to combine the flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry? The Italian-origin ice cream was a delight we all enjoyed on a hot summer day. And now, we can go back to the old roots with this perfect combination.

Back in September ad December 2017, Twitter users could not stop expressing their excitement over the ice cream.

The new flavors have been making people crave like crazy. Currently, they’re only available in the US and Australia. However, if you are somewhere else, you can also order them on Amazon or Ebay. Yay!

Another Twitter user adds: “Can confirm Neopolitan M&Ms smell and taste just the way they should.”

It looks like this treat is worth all the way!

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Source: Unilad