Here’s What Causes That Icky “Old People Smell” And How To Fix It

A lot of (frankly, unwanted) changes happen to your body when you get older. You gradually lose sight and hearing, your bones aren’t as flexible, and as is the case with a lot of elders, you tend to develop something colloquially known as “old person smell.”

We all feel like this old person when we’re around old people.


Even though you might not have heard the term used before, you know exactly what it’s about, particularly if you’re around your older family members often. The smell has often been described as “medicinal” or even “musty”, but most people agree that it’s just a bit unpleasant.

The word “unpleasant” described by a picture:


However, although this is a common problem in more elderly individuals, there is a way to fight back; here are a few methods.


Not cleaning your home regularly

As joints and muscles get weaker in the body, it becomes harder to clean. And cleaning less often means more accumulation of dust, germs and wait for it; odor! So try to clean as much as you can to keep odors to a minimum, and get family members to help you out!


Laundry being left unwashed

Try your best to put some clothes you haven’t worn in a while in the laundry, because as clothes start to sit around for a while, they tend to start smelling quite “old.” Again, get family members to help you out with this one if possible, or you can take them to a laundromat.



Make sure to drink tons of water, because the older we get, the worse our body becomes at retaining water.


A lack of saliva

The more we age, the less saliva our mouth produces, and the decreased production of saliva can lead to somewhat bad breath, so be sure to clean regularly and use mouthwash!


Did any of these causes of “old people” smell surprise you? Let us know in the comments and let your elderly relatives know about these solutions in case they have this problem!

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