British Medical Staff Stage Impromptu Hospital Sleepovers To Care For Patients During Bad Weather

As the Beast From the East sweeps across the United Kingdom, reports of numerous selfless deeds of British people helping their fellow countrymen are coming through. Yesterday, we learned that volunteers in the city of Bristol have been helping people in need by leaving warm clothes around town, and now, there is news of utmost dedication in UK hospitals.

At the Royal Hospital in Derby, East Midlands, staff members showed the Beast, which originated in the Siberian steppes, what they were made of, putting the health and well-being of patients above all else.

As UNILAD reports, many staff members stayed overnight at the hospital, ensuring they were on hand to support patients as long as the lowest temperatures registered in Britain this time of year in the last three decades persist.

“I stayed over Wednesday night, as the snow was coming down hard and I was back at work the next day – it just seemed the sensible thing to do,” a neonatal intensive care unit nurse named Sally said.

“It really doesn’t seem to us to be dedication, it’s just what we do to keep our patients safe and support each other. All the staff work together, Derby really is an amazing hospital for teamwork and support.”

According to the Derby Telegraph, a spokesperson for the hospital has made the following statement:

“We’re offering staff accommodation overnight if they’re worried about not being able to get home so they can be on hand ready for their shift tomorrow. We’re also organizing a 4×4 service to pick up any staff who are stuck in the snow.”

However, the Royal Derby Hospital staff are far from being the only ones sticking by their patients overnight:

The staff of the National Health Service from all over the country have been sharing their experiences of sleeping at the workplace. One nurse wrote on Twitter:

“Most people got snow days from #BeastFromTheEastIreland I got a bed on the floor to make sure I’m back in for my next shift tonight.”

Another health professional tweeted:

“Shout out to everyone across the NHS taking part in the impromptu #nhssleepover We have night staff sleeping in the Discharge Lounge which we’ve converted to a dormitory so they’ll definitely be here tonight.”

Some more dedicated pros taking part in what became known as the #nhssleepover:

Meanwhile, taxpayers have taken to Twitter to send out their love and gratitude to the dedicated medical staff of Britain. One person tweeted:

“Shout out to my Auntie Tash who was one of the nurses who had to stay overnight in Exeter last night in the hospital! NHS staff deserve a whole lot more than what they’re getting!!!”

A proud daughter wrote:

“My mum is a midwife and is staying overnight in her Unit in case any ladies need her. So proud of all of our NHS staff.”

Source: unilad