Make Acne Disappear With This Super Affordable Foundation

Sometimes, it’s hard to trust cheap cosmetics, especially if you are suffering from an acne issue. You have tried every possible product on the market, but the acne don’t seem to go away. Instead of feeling frustrated, this blogger advises you to use a magical solution. Mind you, this is only temporary, and you still need to work on your skin care. Beauty blogger Kadeeja Khan has demonstrated how a £5 foundation amazingly disguises her acne. Would you try it, too?



Kadeeja Khan has taken to Instagram to show off her latest wonder beauty find.

You will probably try it as soon as you finish reading this article. It’s that good!

The Birmingham-based blogger, who suffers from acne, took to the social media site to share a video of herself doing her makeup.

But her fans were shocked when she demonstrated just how well one budget buy works.

What could possibly win her heart?

It’s the Makeup Revolution Foundation sticks that has won her over, especially because the cost is only £5.

She simply blends with a brush in just seconds and the red acne are gone!


Just a few strokes of the foundation stick blended with a brush, and her marks are no longer there.

Amazing, right?

She added: “So I’m very fussy & scared when I pick a foundation. I love going bare-faced but when I like to glam up I really do! I don’t want a foundation that makes my acne look worse than what it is.”

Makeup Revolution’s foundation stick is a miraculous product!


She goes on:

“I don’t want a foundation that can see my green corrector beneath. I want a foundation that can lock in my discoloration & prone acne! I never in a million years would think my go-to foundation would be a drugstore product! I always thought the more expensive the product the better the outcome!”

This is not the first time anyone has tried a cheap product that worked well for them.
Antonio Bermudez revealed he credits No7 Early Defence GLOW ACTIVATING Serum for clearing up his skin. This miracle costs just £25.



Taking to Instagram, Antonio revealed he swears the serum as it “prevents you from aging and gives you a natural glow.”

The product boosts healthier skin in only one week!

Moreover, the serum is clinically proven to supercharge skin, helping defend against sun damage and pollution.


Would you try these products yourself?

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