McDonald’s Monopoly Is Making Its Way Back Into UK Restaurants This March

Today, McDonald’s honored ladies worldwide for International Women’s Day by flipping its iconic logo upside-down for the first time in history so it shows a W instead of an M, but fast food enthusiasts of both genders in the United Kingdom will be delighted to learn that McDonald’s Monopoly will be coming back in a matter of days.

According to LadBible, the British branch of the fast-food corporation has confirmed that its version of the popular American board game will make its way back to UK restaurants on Wednesday, March 21st.


McDonald’s Monopoly is the chain’s take on the legendary game, it is free to play with the price of an Extra Value Meal, and here’s how:

From the 21st of March onwards, every qualifying McDonald’s product will come with a Monopoly sticker attached to it, some of which are ‘Instant Win’ stickers that can be cashed straight away to get the prize. Others are ‘Collect To Win’ stickers which will show specific Monopoly properties that you can collect to win prizes. McDonald’s Monopoly can also be played online, by collecting ‘Online Win’ stickers.

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A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We can confirm that the Monopoly promotion will be back on March 21st.”

The prizes for the winners are yet to be revealed, but judging by last season’s winnings, fast-food munchers across the UK are in for an exciting game.  Some of the prizes last year included £100,000 (around $138,000), tech products and more than 45,000,000 food and drink instant win prizes.

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