This Video Is The Ultimate Treasure Trove Of Instagram Makeup Tutorials

Look, I’m a guy, and even I can’t escape the thousands upon thousands of makeup videos and tutorials on Instagram. And it’s not seldom that even I get hung up on a video like that, mesmerized by the skills of the makeup artist, or their mindblowing creative vision.

But, as I said – people literally upload thousands of new videos like these every single day. There are probably millions of such videos on Instagram by now, and what should one do? It’s impossible to watch all of them, yet at the same time, it’s not guaranteed that Instagram’s algorithms will be showing you the very best content.

Thankfully, the good people behind the DIY Everyday channel on YouTube decided to do our work for us. Someone, somewhere, actually sat down and watched thousands of makeup Instagram videos, trying to pick the very best. And they did! The video below is the result of those people’s painstaking work.

So waste no more time and just click play to watch the very best makeup videos on Instagram during the past year:

I can’t imagine the effort that went into this, but I guess it was no walk in the park. What’s more, you’ll really find some of the best makeup tips in it, all in one place. From mixing different colors and painting your eyelids into a rainbow, this vid has it all!

Source:DIY Everyday