Kim Kardashian’s Pink Hair Was Inspired By A Naughty Anime Series

When she’s not too busy stirring up controversies by posting topless pictures of herself, “disgusting” videos, or using the wrong name to refer to a certain hairstyle, or even by appearing on the cover of Vogue India and outraging the whole Indian nation – Kim Kardashian enjoys experimenting with her hair color.

The 37-year-old is not at all afraid to make some bold choices when it comes to dying her mane. You might remember that she went ice-blue for Christmas, but that’s so last year by now. If you’re one of her avid followers, you’ve already seen her social media updates where the reality TV star dyed her hair a baby pink hue a little over a week ago. If you’re not, however, we’re here to tell you.

And maybe some of you are wondering about what on earth precipitated such an adventurous decision? Worry not! Kim’s got you covered!

“I am obsessed with anime. That was legit my inspo,” the mother-of-three wrote on Twitter a few days before sharing the real inspiration behind her new hairdo with all of her devoted Instagram followers.

Kim Kardashian’s pink hair was inspired by the character of Two Zero from the anime series DARLING in the FRANXX


If you’re not familiar with this anime, let me illuminate your pure, innocent soul. It’s a Japanese (obviously) sci-fi series that is currently airing on the Crunchyroll streaming service. The protagonists are teenagers who pilot giant mechas (mobile robots), called Franxx to protect humanity from the threat of the klaxosaurs (don’t even ask). So, what is so naughty about all of this, you wonder? Well, the boys pilot said mechas by grabbing the girls by the rear and operating the controls doggy-style… Yup, the innuendo-infused series has even been banned in China, which only served to provoke more interest in the American audience.

And apparently one of its biggest fans is none other than Kim Kardashian! Why do I find her taste in anime not even a little bit surprising?

My hair inspo

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What do you make of Kim’s choice of hair color and entertainment programs? Do you watch anime? Can you perhaps recommend an anime for Kim to watch? Tell us in the comments!

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