Kendall Jenner Rushed To Hospital Due To Health Problems

Kendall Jenner may have looked like a prize jewel at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, yet there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to attend.

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, Jenner is doing alright. It was a fright, but nothing severe.
Gossip has been spreading around for some time that the model routinely receives IV hydration before she makes appearances at red carpet ceremonies.



A source revealed to the Blast that Kendall was ‘prepping for appearances during Oscars weekend’ when she was taken aback by the bad reaction.

Afterwards, she was transported to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills where she was treated, and was thankfully released shortly after.
Jenner came under fire in January as she made her presence known at the Golden Globes red carpet due to her widely apparent acne.
Her condition has made her feel like an ‘outcast’ during her childhood, yet she reassured her fans to ‘never let that sh*t stop you!’



In an interview with Cara Delevingne earlier this year, she spoke aboout her life:

Sometimes I feel like a complete kid when I’m running around with my friends being stupid for a week, and then sometimes I just want to sit in my house and sip tea and watch old movies like I’m 60.

I feel like the life I live is extraordinary in a lot of ways but that it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. I’ve had to grow up pretty fast and deal with situations most 22-year-olds aren’t really put into. There are days and weeks and months when you just don’t stop.

Kendall recently posted an image to her 85.8m following, which got fans questioning whether she could be the latest to announce some major life-changing news.

Renowned for her famous figure, and face which have seen her become a high-end fashion model, Kendall snapped herself wearing a skintight dress – the image showed her tiny waist compared to her ‘big tummy’ – apparently.

Fans were quick to point out the size difference between her waist and stomach – so now, she’s obviously pregnant – maybe it’s just bloating caused by excessive eating over the festive period? Who knows! I’m sure we’ll be told all about it soon enough, in true Kardashian style.

Check out the image and see for yourself:



Kendall has amassed a following of 85.8 million on Instagram, and recently posted a picture which caused fans to inquire upon whether or not she could be announcing some imperative life-changing news.

Notorious for her famous figure and face, which has paved way for her to become a supermodel, Kendall took a picture of herself wearing a skintight dress, the image revealed her tiny waist, accompanied with with her ‘big tummy’ – somewhat.

Fans rushed to point out the size difference between her stomach and her waist, suggesting that she might be pregnant, or maybe just bloated due to overeating during the holidays. Nobody knows, but we will always find out sooner or later, Kardashian style.