Who Needs An Eyebrow When You Can Have A TRIPLE BROW?

Move over halo brows! You have a new competitor in town, and I say it looks much, much better than you ever did. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the latest makeup craze that’s rocking the internet – the triple brow!

Ironically or not, the two inventions in the eyebrow department are actually the brainchildren of the same scientist  I mean inventor … I mean makeup artist. Her name is Hannah Lyne, and she’s breaking the internet with her wild eyebrow inventions!

As is the case with most makeup artists these days, Hannah too shares her designs on Instagram. The network is uniquely suited for exactly that kind of thing – creating viral fashion trends.

And I have to say, Lyne’s latest fad isn’t the worst looking one. I surprised myself because I actually kinda like it!

Here’s another shot of her eyebrow turned into a triple brow, with Hannah Lyne’s eye closed this time.

Is it me, or would this triple brow actually look very good on Khal Drogo? Or maybe be appropriate for an Adidas commercial?

Remains to be seen. In the meantime, this UK makeup artist is definitely intent on browbeating the competition.

Source: hannahdoesmakeupp